Velocity Midstream – SCOOP Engineering Review

Project Scope

Excellence Engineering, LLC was contracted to carry out a comprehensive electrical engineering review of documentation and drawings provided by the client for the South Central Oklahoma Oil Pipeline (SCOOP) Project that was under construction in south-central Oklahoma. Excellence was also asked to provide a hydraulic analysis of the existing pipeline system along with the anticipated future demands. 

The SCOOP project consisted of approximately 36 miles of 8” trunk line and 4 miles of 12” trunk line connecting three pump stations to a delivery terminal located near Lindsay, Oklahoma. A site survey was conducted during construction to compare the equipment and installation at the pump stations against the reviewed documentation and the requirements and recommendations of applicable codes and regulations. A final report was delivered to the client detailing the hydraulic analysis performed, the documents reviewed and comments and recommendations to meet the hydraulic, mechanical, civil and electrical requirements necessary to provide a properly functioning and safe pipeline system.

  • Code Compliance Review
  • On Site Equipment Review
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Relief and Surge Analysis

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Review of assets was accomplished with minimal documentation and required considerable field time.