Hess Blue Buttes Compressor Station

Project Scope

Blue Buttes Compressor Station was designed and developed to be an integral part of an extensive gas gathering system across North Dakota which is operated by Hess North Dakota Pipeline, LLC. Developed to increase discharge pressure and volume to the Hess Tioga Gas Plant, this Greenfield eight-compressor site produces 50 MMSCFD at an operating pressure of 1200 PSI. Additional processes at this site include dehydration capabilities that yield less than 7 pounds of H2O/MMSCF, and NGL and gas sweetening processes that reduce the H2S concentration to less than 2 PPM. The site includes a fuel gas scrubber, utility systems (flare, drain, fuel gas, instrument gas), a methanol injection system, a TEG storage system, vapor recovery, and liquids handling.  

  • Scalable Standard Design
  • Medium Voltage Power Distribution
  • Control System Design
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Design
  • Network Design
  • Programming, Start Up, and Commissioning
  • Classified as Unmanned Facility

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Compression station was started on first attempt during commissioning.
  • Standardized design has been implemented at 5 different locations with great success.