Magellan OKC Reno Tank Mixer Addition

Project Scope

The OKC Reno Terminal Mixer Addition project was initiated to improve the mixing capability of two refined product tanks. Magellan was experiencing issues working off the high RVP tops of the tanks. The higher RVP product had a tendency to stay stratified above incoming lower RVP product preventing homogenous blending of the tanks. As a result, Magellan was unable to blend as much butane or natural gasoline resulting in lost revenue. To improve the blending operation, an external mixer was added to each storage tank. 

Due to the distance between the existing facility 480V distribution equipment and the location of the tanks, it was decided to upgrade the existing single phase service providing power to the maintenance building. An elevated outdoor 600A, 3P4W motor control center was added with starters and feeder breakers to provide power to the two new tank mixers and to provide power to the maintenance building. In order to control and monitor the operation of the tank mixers, a remote PLC control panel was designed based on GE Versamax components.

In addition to electrical and instrumentation engineering services, Excellence provided structural engineering and design for the elevated steel platform and civil engineering and design for the drilled concrete pier platform supports. Excellence also served as a liaison between MMP and the serving electric utility. 

  • E&I Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Procurement Services
  • Short Circuit & Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Factory Acceptance & Testing
  • Construction Support

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Excellence worked on a small scope prior to full project funding to ensure long lead equipment (MCC) would be onsite in time to hit the construction schedule