Magellan Midstream Standard Design – Ratio Blending

Project Scope

The standard metering pump skid was requested to be a self-contained unit that would control itself to match pace with a site meter and monitor the output of product off of the skid. The skid was designed to be able to be installed at multiple locations and be flexible to meet onsite piping arrangements of differing connections. The skid incorporates power distribution to accept one power source and converts and distributes as necessary to all equipment on skid. The idea was to be able to locate it at any location, and have 3 pipe tie-ins (input, output, recirculation), a 480VAC power tie-point, and a communications network to tie the controller into the main facility system. The design includes one 30HP pump, Coriolis meter run, and control valve capable of 10:1 turndown. Prover stubs were added to the skid to be able to accommodate an on-site portable prover connection. Due to differing location amenities a separate rack was included for some sites to house a flow computer and fiber patch panel when necessary. Excellence Engineering included an MOV on the pump suction and manual block valves on the discharge and recirculation for positive isolation. On skid power distribution was built out for adjustments to include MOVs in place of the manual valves if deemed necessary for any location. All devices are wired to local junction box to be distributed to the flow meter (rack or site). A connection port and pig tail is included at the junction box for portable prover companies to connect directly to the meter pulse count without opening up the housings.

  • Standardization
  • Flexibility
  • Custody Measurement
  • Control System
  • Flow Computer

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Highly detailed fabrication drawing package to ensure repeatability amongst differing manufacturers.