Magellan Midstream Springfield TLR Upgrade

Project Scope

Springfield Truck Loading Rack Controls Upgrade project was to increase the facilities truck throughput as well as bring the facility controls up to current company standards. The project decommissioned the existing load arm meters, PLC and IO, injection meters and Petrocount computers. Driver buildings were added to each lane to compartmentalize and speed up the truck loading process. The new driver’s buildings housed new Accuload’s, a control panel for the remote IO to each lane as well as the driver interface point. New metering blocks were installed in the existing additive building to help clean up and streamline the room for ease of maintenance. The existing main PLC control panel was removed and rebuilt on site to house the new controller and minimal IO as remote IO was added to the driver’s buildings for each associated lane. A new rack mounted DC UPS, charging system, and batteries were installed to update the existing system to current company standards. Excellence Engineering worked on the project from the design phase to the as-built.

  • Truck Loading Rack Upgrade
  • Driver Buildings
  • Accuload
  • Additive Injection
  • UPS

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Rasterized drawings, equipment delivery delays, limited space, and scope creep were constant challenges that had to be overcome while doing this retrofit project.