Magellan Midstream New Haven Waterfront T2T

Project Scope

The New Haven-Waterfront Truck to Tank project began as a single truck offload to a single tank. An addition of a tank mixer onto the tank revealed that there was a lack of sufficient power sources in the area for the newly premised assets.  The client agreed to add a new 1200 amp MCC and service drop to accommodate this project, incorporate future expansions, and existing loads that would be transferred over at a later date. Excellence Engineering was able to go through a Management of Change work process and develop a design with the client and the local utility company to modify an existing service to function as this future expansion point.  The design had coastal challenges as well as floodplain issues.  A platform was constructed for the utility transformer and thought had to be put into reserving the existing loads that were once taken care of by the previous service.

  • Utility Upgrade
  • Truck Routing Analysis
  • Coastal Conditions
  • Floodplain

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Large deficiencies in facility power infrastructure required the addition of a power upgrade to the project.