Magellan Midstream Dupont Terminal Upgrade

Project Scope

The Dupont Terminal Upgrade project was formulated to add rail offloading, truck loading and offloading, storage, and system blending capabilities to the facility. Excellence Engineering was involved in the project from FEED through As-Builting which spanned from May 2015 to April 2019.

A nitrogen generation system, consisting of three 250 HP compressors, was engineered to provide motive force to a dual sided 24-car rail offloading rack that would serve as the connection point to offload butane and natural gasoline from cars on the new rail spur into the facility. Degasification vessels were engineered to remove gas entrainment in the offloaded liquid before pumping it into two new spherical storage vessels. A bank of API 610 vertical can pumps were installed to boost pressure through Coriolis meter runs and perform injection blending into tanks and pipelines as well as supply truck loading. On line analyzers were installed to provide real time blend quality measurements. New PLCs and remote IO were added to integrate new equipment into the facility’s control system. Equipment for medium voltage power distribution in the facility was engineered to supply power for new MCCs and control buildings. Coordination with the local utility provider was required to install a new service to power the new fire pumps installed at the facility.

After commissioning and start-up assistance/analysis the project was tuned, completed and deemed a success to both the client and Excellence.

  • PHA
  • Rail Offloading
  • Medium Voltage Power Distribution
  • Commissioning & Start-up Assistance

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Designed system to move volatile product without flashing despite extreme temperature fluctuations