Holly Frontier Corporation West HVGO Tank 188 Truck Loading

Project Scope

HollyFrontier’s Truck Loading project in Tulsa, Oklahoma implemented an additional means of removing heavy gas oils (HVGO) from storage tank 188 in order to supplement the existing piping discharge. The project added a single truck loading spot with a 15HP/460V product transfer pump, truck grounding monitor, local pump control station and ESD, local area lighting, enclosed personnel safety shower and an electrical switch rack with 200A circuit breaker disconnect, 480V size 2 FVNR motor starter, 1P3W distribution panelboard and instrument junction box with ELPRO 905T wireless I/O transmitter. Due to the new truck loading spot’s location within the refinery tank farm, it was decided to incorporate an ELPRO I/O radio transmitter and receiver combination in lieu of hardwiring approximately 1500ft through the tank farm and operating units to the closest area I/O rack at building BL-0355. Transfer pump status, personnel safety shower alarm and loss of electrical power alarm were transmitted back to the area control room. Due to the high viscosity of the HVGO product below temperatures of 110°F, pipe sensing thermostat controlled mineral insulated electric heat trace was applied to the new 4” product piping and product transfer pump in order to maintain the viscosity of the HVGO product at a value low enough to enable the tank to truck transfer.

  • E&I Engineering
  • Heat Trace Design
  • Loop Diagrams
  • Area Classification Study
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Support

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Radio based I/O was utilized due to long distances from control system.