Holly Frontier Corporation Gas Compressor Starter Replacement

Project Scope

The objective of the J-50 Wet Gas Compressor Starter Replacement Project was to replace the obsolete and antiquated 13.8kV, 5600HP reduced voltage reactor starter used to start and run the wet gas compressor of HollyFrontier’s fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU).  Replacement components for the existing Westinghouse air-break circuit breakers and starting reactor that make up the starter were obsolete. 

Excellence Engineering, LLC provided electrical engineering & design, procurement and construction support services to facilitate the replacement of existing starter with an in-kind starter that met all applicable electrical codes and facility standards.  The new starter was required to fit in the same location as the existing and to utilize the existing underground conduit stub-up locations and existing cable to the motor and from the main feeder and all existing control wiring.  No “standard” starter assembly could be used and would require structural customization once received on-site in order to avoid having to re-route the underground conduit and pull new cables. 

EEI’s scope of responsibility included revising the FCCU wet gas compressor P&ID, FCCU one-line diagram, motor starter assembly drawings and elevations, motor starter schematic/wiring diagrams, local control panel and instrument junction box wiring diagrams, FCCU control room annunciator panel wiring, area instrument location plans and instrument loop diagrams.    

  • Equipment Specification
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Equipment Customization
  • Installation & Commissioning Support


Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Decommissioning, equipment removal and installation of the replacement starter was required to be completed within a planned two week shutdown of the FCCU.