Explorer Pipeline Gilcrease Expressway Relocation

Project Scope

Explorer Pipeline was directed by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to relocate a portion of their 28 inch pipeline in the western portion of Tulsa County in Oklahoma due to the proposed construction of a new tollway.  The project consisted of two conventional bores under West 41st Street South and under the existing Gilcrease Expressway, an extension of the 34 inch casing under West 51st Street South, and approximately 2,820 feet of 28” inch pipe.  Excellence Engineering performed the following tasks for this project:

  • Prepared Scope for Geotechnical Analysis
  • Alignment Sheets
  • Tie-In Details
  • Bore Design and Details
  • Material Specifications and BOM
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Induction Bends List
  • Erosion Control Plan

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Coordination with The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and their design consultant