Energy Transfer Partners Ambia Compressor Station

Project Scope

The project was initiated to upgrade the electrical system for the Ambia compressor station located in Ambia, IN. The facility has four gas-driven reciprocating compressors with ancillary motor loads, multiple building loads and a facility emergency generator. The facility was constructed in the 1960’s, and most of the electrical equipment in the compressor station had not been upgraded since that time. This project upgraded the facility power to include a new 500 kVA service, a new Motor Control Center (MCC) Building, new panelboards, motor controls, area lighting, raceway and conductors for power, controls, instrumentation and communication.

Excellence provided on-site investigation of the compressor station to establish size, voltage, and location of all electrical loads (120VAC thru 480VAC) and gathered all necessary information to engineer and design an upgraded system.  A load study was performed to determine the required size of the incoming service and standby generator for existing and future loads. 

  • Electrical Load Study
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Equipment Specification
  • Procurement Support Services
  • Factory Acceptance Testing & Inspection
  • Construction Bid Support

Notable Accomplishments & Challenges

  • Minimal and outdated documentation of the existing facility
  • MCC building exterior competed by a building fabricator while the interior was not finished. Excellence completed the interior layout, lighting, power distribution, interconnect wiring and raceway design.