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Welcome to Excellence Engineering, Inc.

~ Engineering Solutions That Energize America ~

Excellence Engineering Inc. (EEI) located in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a full service engineering company serving the Terminal, Refining, Gas Processing and Chemical related sectors of the Oil and Gas industry. We are dedicated to providing excellence in engineering by integrating experience, integrity and quality into every project.

EEI is a diversity partner  serving corporations throughout the oil and gas industry.


Commitment  to Clients

  • Safety
    • On Target Project Goals
      • Meet Budget Expectations
        • Quality
          • Performance
            • Confidence

The staff of Excellence Engineering provides an extensive diversity of experience and innovation that blends into a comprehensive design which provides the quality projects sought by industry leaders. 



A Dedication to Quality

Our commitment to our clients is focused on developing a confidence that leads to continued project to project quality.  Repeatability builds value. 




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